COVID-19 Update:

At this time we are available for In-Home Euthanasia visits and Virtual Quality of Life Consultations. Dr. Ravina has been vaccinated for COVID-19, and we are taking all appropriate precautions regarding sanitizing carefully between appointments. We are comfortable coming inside your home, although outdoor appointments are still recommended and encouraged. Given the latest data on the Omicron variant, Dr. Ravina will wear a mask for every visit. We strongly recommend, but don’t require, that everyone in attendance above the age of 2 wear a face-fitting mask, regardless of vaccination status. If you are scheduling an indoor visit, we recommend opening windows and doors as possible/practical, to improve ventilation. Please inform the doctor if you or any other member of your family is experiencing any COVID-like symptoms or have had recent exposure to a COVID-positive individual, and we will touch base with you to discuss a plan.

Upcoming Closures:
Friday, December 23 – Sunday, January 1
Monday, January 16
Friday, February 17 – Monday, February 20

Peaceful Paws Veterinary Hospice

Our Services

Peaceful Paws Veterinary Hospice is an in-home service dedicated to providing compassionate care for your pets when they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or permanently debilitating condition.

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About Peaceful Paws Veterinary Hospice

Peaceful Paws Veterinary Hospice is dedicated to compassionate in home palliative care, hospice and euthanasia services for your pet.

In-Home Euthanasia

We understand how heart-wrenching it can be to say goodbye to a best friend. We’re here to help you decide what is best for your pet & your family.

($400 within 20 miles)

In-Home Palliative Care

We will discuss your pet’s medical history. Dr. Ravina will observe your pet in his or her home environment and perform a complete physical exam.

($450 within 20 miles)
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Virtual Quality of Life Assessment

Quality of Life Consultation can serve to guide, support, and prepare you to make the best decisions for your pet and your family.

Individual Cremation

Your pet is cremated individually. You may choose one of seven complimentary urns.

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Communal Cremation

Your pet is cremated with a group of pets. The remains are respectfully scattered at a beautiful property in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Aftercare Options

If you choose cremation, we will respectfully transport you pet’s body for aftercare. Cremation services are provided by Animal Memorial Service.