COVID-19 Update:

At this time we are available for In-Home Euthanasia visits and Virtual Quality of Life Consultations. Dr. Ravina has been vaccinated for COVID-19, and we are taking all appropriate precautions regarding sanitizing carefully between appointments. We are comfortable coming inside your home, although outdoor appointments are still recommended and encouraged. Given the latest data on the Omicron variant, Dr. Ravina will wear a mask for every visit. We strongly recommend, but don’t require, that everyone in attendance above the age of 2 wear a face-fitting mask, regardless of vaccination status. If you are scheduling an indoor visit, we recommend opening windows and doors as possible/practical, to improve ventilation. Please inform the doctor if you or any other member of your family is experiencing any COVID-like symptoms or have had recent exposure to a COVID-positive individual, and we will touch base with you to discuss a plan.

Upcoming Closures:
Friday, December 23 – Sunday, January 1
Monday, January 16
Friday, February 17 – Monday, February 20

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Fees & Policies

Learn more about Peaceful Paws Veterinary Hospice cancellation policy below. 

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Service Fees

Home Euthanasia $400
This includes the travel fee, sedation, euthanasia procedure, a personalized clay paw print keepsake, grief and pet loss literature, and notification to your regular veterinarian of your pet’s passing. Though we may not need the full-time, we allow up to 90 minutes for this visit, so you never feel rushed.

Palliative Care or Hospice Care Initial Consultation $450
This includes the veterinarian traveling to your home for a 1.5-2 hour consultation. We will review your pet’s medical history, perform a physical examination, observe your pet in their home environment, discuss quality of life, pain levels, goals, and how we may expect things to progress. We will also answer any specific questions you may have regarding your pet’s health. You will receive a follow-up email summarizing the discussion, and an email update will be sent to your primary care veterinarian. The initial visit will also include, as appropriate, follow-up communication via email, video, or phone for one month. After this time, if appropriate for your pet’s situation, we will schedule a follow-up visit to continue on with care for your pet. Additional pain management/palliative treatments, if appropriate, are an additional cost.

Virtual Quality of Life Consultation $150
This will be 45-60 minute consultation where we will connect with you via a Zoom video conference call. We will discuss your pet’s medical condition(s) and how that might progress, help you assess pain levels and quality of life, offer guidance related to giving medications, and environmental changes, and support you in navigating the difficult decisions which lay ahead. You will receive a follow-up email outlining the discussion, and an email update will be sent to your primary care veterinarian.

Individual Cremation
Your loved one will be individually cremated at Animal Memorial Service. You may choose one of several standard urns. More customized urns as well as additional memorial products can also be purchased at an additional cost. Shipping of your loved one’s urn is included. You may also pick up I person at the cremation facility if you prefer.

Pets up to 24 lbs $275
Pets 25-49lbs $300
Pets 50-74lbs $325
Pets 75-99lbs $350
Pets 100lbs and over $400

Communal Cremation
Your loved one will be cremated with other beloved companions. The ashes not be returned to you, but will be scattered in the Pacific Ocean.

Pets up to 25lbs $110
Pets 25-49lbs $125
Pets 50-74lbs $140
Pets 75-99lbs $165
Pets 100lbs and over $180


Additional Appointment Fees

Extended travel areas (outside our normal service area) will incur an additional fee of $50-$200, depending on distance.
Sundays, evening visits starting later than 5pm, and holidays (when available) may incur an additional fee of $75-$150
Pets over 120lbs will incur an additional fee of $25
Aggressive pets may incur an add’l fee of $25-$50 due to additional time and medications required to ensure a low-stress process for your loved one.

Cancellation Policy

While we do understand cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, short notice cancellation limits our ability to help another family in need during that scheduled time. So, for short notice, the following cancellation fee may apply (with some exceptions):

$50 if less than 24 hours but more than 4 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.
$200 if less than 4 hours, but more than 2 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time.
If a cancellation request is less than 2 hours before the scheduled time we kindly reserve the right to charge the full cost of the visit ($400).