COVID-19 Update:

At this time we are available for In-Home Euthanasia visits and Virtual Quality of Life Consultations. Dr. Ravina has been vaccinated for COVID-19, and we are taking all appropriate precautions regarding sanitizing carefully between appointments. We are comfortable coming inside your home, although outdoor appointments are still recommended and encouraged. Given the latest data on the Omicron variant, Dr. Ravina will wear a mask for every visit. We strongly recommend, but don’t require, that everyone in attendance above the age of 2 wear a face-fitting mask, regardless of vaccination status. If you are scheduling an indoor visit, we recommend opening windows and doors as possible/practical, to improve ventilation. Please inform the doctor if you or any other member of your family is experiencing any COVID-like symptoms or have had recent exposure to a COVID-positive individual, and we will touch base with you to discuss a plan.

Upcoming Closures:
April 2nd through April 5th,, 2023
May 27th through June 9th, 2023

Serving Santa Cruz County

​Virtual Quality of Life Assessment

Please read below for more information on our QOL Assessment service.

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​Virtual Quality of Life Assessment in Santa Cruz, CA

Let’s discuss together what options are best for your pet based on their needs.

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Virtual Quality of Life Assessment

As you realize your pet may be approaching the end of their journey, a Quality of Life Consultation can serve to guide, support and prepare you to make the best decisions for your pet and your family. We will use this time to discuss the unique concerns for your pet, yourself, your family members, and other pets in the home, and will include an in-depth discussion of the many aspects of your pet’s health that may affect their daily quality of life. We will discuss changes we might anticipate as your pet’s condition or illness progresses, and will provide you with guidance and you tools to help arrive more clearly at an end of life decision. 

We will discuss goals for how you would like the end of your pet’s journey to look, and how these goals can be achieved.  We can also discuss any concerns or worries you may have in anticipation of a future euthanasia visit, and what in-home euthanasia can look like. Our virtual consultations typically last about one hour, to allow time to address all your questions and concerns in an unhurried and supportive manner. You will receive a follow-up email outlining the discussion, and an email update will be sent to your primary care veterinarian.

Please note that The American Veterinary Medical Association and the California Board of Veterinary Medicine require a physical examination for a veterinarian to diagnose and treat a medical condition and/or to prescribe medications. At this time, neither governing body allows establishing a new doctor-client-patient relationship via virtual means. Therefore, Dr. Ravina cannot prescribe any medication, or recommend changes to your pet’s medical plan without an in person physical exam.