My most precious Shar Pei, Mei~Zi became deathly ill and I knew I needed to find a Vet to help my Mei~Zi pass. I called Peaceful Paws and Dr. Ravina came to my home to help me do something that is so difficult.​Mei~Zi was suffering, and Dr. Ravina did all she could to help my Mei~Zi pass with love and peace around her. There is nothing more important than having a Vet who truly cares about animals and the humans who are losing a part of their family. Dr. Ravina is very special, very kind, and very loving with animals, and having her there for my Mei~Zi during such a painful, hard time was a blessing. If you, unfortunately, are in need of euthanasia, then I wanted to share this information about Dr. Ravina with you so you could have the peace & care that Mei~Zi and I received. Thank You, Dr. Ravina!